Where to Stay in St. Lucia – Sandals Grande Review

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Who doesn’t love the idea of an all-inclusive resort? When we were researching places to stay in St. Lucia we learned that there are basically two hotel options to choose from on the island: Secluded and quiet or all inclusive with numerous activities. We went back and forth with both, but in the end we chose the all-inclusive route and stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort, which was definitely the right choice! Below I go over our stay and show you why I am officially in love with this Sandals location. 🙂

When you plan a trip to St. Lucia you’ll have to choose between staying on two sides of the island: one near the main airport that you fly into and one on the other side of the island. The hotels located closest to the airport are the more secluded style, and they are also closer to the Pitons, providing for some pretty amazing views. They are focused on giving you more of a natural experience, which includes open rooms with no air conditioning and no televisions.        

On the other side of the island (approximately 2 hours from the airport) you will find more of the traditional hotels and resorts, including three all inclusive Sandals resorts: Sandals Halcyon, Sandals La Toc, and Sandals Grande. We chose the Grande because it’s the newest of the three and the extra cost seemed to be worth it for us. No matter which you choose, one bonus to staying at any of the three is that there are shuttles that go between them, so you can easily spend some time at each resort. While we planned to do this originally, we liked the Grande so much that we didn’t venture off to the others.

Just as a side note – I was told that the food options were similar at each, but the Grande has the nicest beach area. *Part of the beach is public, so there will be an occassional “salesman” trying to sell you trinckets on the beach. They were all friendly and it really didn’t take away from the beauty of the beach.

Things to Consider

When choosing an all-inclusive resort there are generally five factors to consider: amenities, food & drinks, activities, cleanliness, and staff service/friendliness. I was able to analyze all of these factors while staying at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort and I would say that they hit the mark with them all. 

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aesthetics, views, & Service

Honestly, I was more impressed than I thought I would be with the aesthetics of the resort. The open concept lobby area was just beautiful! It was decorated so well and I loved the color choices. There were also lots of different areas to sit and have a drink or take in the views by the pool or the beach. And even though the resort was sold out when we visited, I never felt like it was too crowded. 

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Our first day was a bit rainy in the morning, but the beautiful rainbow made up for it afterwards. 🙂

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One of the reasons we chose to stay at this side of the island is because we wanted to explore Pigeon Island (seen above in the distance). By the way, that is definitely a must do if you visit!

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All you need is a margarita and these views. 😉

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How cute are these chairs? They quickly became my favorite!

There was always something going on by the beach or the pool!

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Is the time you enjoy wasting really wasted time? 🙂

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Sunset was my favorite time to enjoy the beach. These swings were perfect!

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The views were neverending and the sunsets were so relaxing.

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This was taken in the evening but I never found the pool to be overly crowded. The swim up bar was also really fun!

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Unique attention to detail is seen throughout the resort.

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You’ll never run out of areas to relax in or explore!

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Food & Drinks

Okay, let’s talk about the main reason people love all-inclusive resorts….the food!

We both workout and watch what we eat so it took some discipline at times here (nothing a good morning run on the beach can’t take care of, right?) but they really had so many nice restaurants and great dishes at this resort; I definitely give them a high rating for quality and selection in the food department! In total there are 12 restaurants and 6 bars at this location. The restaurants offer all types of cuisine, ranging from Caribbean, Italian, Indian, American, and Asian. Trust me, you will not go hungry here!

One of my favorite restaurants was Soy. I loved the atmosphere (and of course the fried bananas). 😉

Just like the food, drinks are endless and included. 

There are lots of options for breakfast, eggs Benedict (minus the ham) being my favorite. 

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And if you’re lucky you can spend it with the cute local residents!

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I really loved the eclectic interior in The Pub Restaurant! 

Each restaurant had it’s own unique style. Toscaninis (above) was my favorite spot for breakfast.

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The Bayside Restaurant was really convenient for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and it had great views of the pool area as well. 

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Gordon’s Pier Restaurant was very quiet when we ate there. The views of the water were perfect and the meal was delicious. **FYI -Even though reservations are required for this and some of the other restaurants, we were seated right away with no problems when we arrived early.

food sandals grande

…And dessert was equally delicious. 😉

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Amenities, Room, and service

We chose the Honeymoon Walkout Room, which I would recommend if you want the convenience of walking right out to the pool and beach. The room had a cozy feel and was also very clean. We didn’t plan on spending much time in the room since there was so much to do on the beach and near the pool, so we didn’t feel the need to pay more and get the private Rondaval suite. However, if you’re looking for more privacy those were tucked away from the main rooms and some have their own pools.

As far as service, the staff was very welcoming and made you feel like you were at home. They also had so many activities planned, like live music, outdoor games, and fun events all day everyday!*By the way, tips are not expected at this all-inclusive resort.

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The bathroom was very clean and always stocked with toiletries and fresh towels.

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The patio was great to enjoy at the end of the day or early morning.

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Overall, I have to say that our stay at the Sandals Grande was perfect. The beach is amazing, the food is delicious, and the whole resort is well kept and inviting. I would definitely recommend this location for your St. Lucian getaway and hope to return myself someday. 

I hope this review is helpful when booking your next getaway..Happy Travels!

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