, lifestyle blog, lifestyle blogger, pretty bloggers, best bloggers, female bloggers, influential bloggers, top bloggersHello everyone! My name is Sara and I am the creator of Life Frosting.

Like many of us often do, I spent a portion of my life filled with questions but fairly convinced that I was on the right path.  However, after dealing with a health concern and impromptu surgery, I was forced to take a look at my current plans and re-adjust my sails in a different direction. After a difficult (and eye-opening) analysis, I realized that science and medicine were two of my strongest passions, so I decided to pursue my dreams of studying molecular biology and pursuing a career in medicine.  I knew the journey would be long and the process would be challenging, but here I am, years later, working as a resident pathologist and enjoying every moment!  I have been able to gain new confidence through education and I would not change that for anything.

Gaining the knowledge to help others by answering medical questions and providing diagnoses has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have ever had.

It is my goal to inspire others and help to increase your confidence and knowledge.

About The Blog

Life Frosting is a blog focused on the BEST stuff in life – the frosting!

Over the years I’ve realized how easy it is for us to get caught up on the hiccups and the negativity around us, but it is important that we recognize just how AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL life really is!  

On you will find posts related to topics that I enjoy the most, including — medical education and information, travel and adventure diaries, tips on leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining mental and physical wellness, beauty and style, some of my favorite products/product reviews, and other little bits of “frosting” that I enjoy and experience during this adventure that we call life.

I hope that you enjoy my posts and will follow along on my journeys!

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