Hiking Gros Piton in St. Lucia

Ever since we first hiked Yosemite last year, Travis and I have tried to make sure we get in a hike wherever we visit. It’s become one of our favorite hobbies, and there’s really nothing like reaching the top after a long hike! St. Lucia has some amazing scenery, so of course we had to hike the iconic Gros Piton while we were there. 

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I would say that this hike was definitely strenuous at times, even for a person like me who works out regularly and loves the fitness aspect of hiking. However, I think part of this was because of my size. There were lots of high steps and rocks to climb, which was more challenging for a shorty like me! Nevertheless, it was still super fun and I enjoyed the challenge. 

About Gros Piton

Gros Piton is the second highest mountain in St. Lucia at 2,619 ft (786 meters), and it is located on the southwestern coast in Soufriere. Both Gros Piton and its smaller sister peak “Petit Piton” are visible from many different parts of St. Lucia.

Guide or no guide?

Nearly everyone who hikes Gros Piton goes with a guide. This is because the climb is pretty steep and it can be strenuous. If you’re an avid hiker you can definitely go alone, but check that they allow this because I was told that it’s not allowed when I was there.  We weren’t sure what to expect so I liked having a guide, and it was fairly reasonable ($30/person). Make sure you bring along your own backpack, because they require you to use one and will charge $10 if you have to borrow one of theirs. 

Tips for the hike –
  • Bring a backpack
  • Bring plenty of water and small snacks
  • Dress appropriately for rain, hot weather, etc.
  • Wear GOOD hiking shoes – there were some slippery wet areas
  • A walking stick may not help much (you’re constantly climbing rocks and stairs)
  • Realize that climbing down is a bit tougher than climbing up 

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The village where many of the guides live. This is also where you pay and get your backpack if needed.

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Getting to the start of the Gros Piton requires a walk through the beautifully landscaped village.

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About 1/3 of the way up we reached the first overlook, which is a common resting spot for hikers. 

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This little guy hiked up along with us to the first overlook but didn’t go much further.

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After that, the real climbing began!

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About half way up we reached the second overlook, which was by far my favorite. You can see the Petit Piton in the distance and the views are pretty magical!

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After about 2 hours we made it to the top to enjoy views of the city. It was a bit foggy (and pretty windy) but still beautiful!

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After enjoying the views and having some snacks at the top it was time to head back down! Going down was a little quicker, but also more strenuous.

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Hope you enjoyed hiking along with us!


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