10 Unique and Unusual Beaches Around The World

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It’s pretty rare to find a person who doesn’t enjoy the beach! While a traditional white sand beach is always relaxing, sometimes you want to get out there and explore something a bit more unique. There are actually quite a few impressive, non traditional, beaches around the world; many you have probably never even heard of! If you are looking for a unique place to visit during your next vacation, take a look at these 10 must see beaches I’ve rounded up. Each is sure to leave you wanderlusting in amazement!

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The most unique beach on this list may be the glowing beach located on Mudhdhoo Island. If you visit between the months of July – February, you definitely want to head here and see this amazing bioluminescent show in person. While these bioluminescent plankton appear in many areas around the world, the best views are usually seen here on this island.

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Red Beach in Panjin is technically a wetland, but is definitely worth seeing in person. It’s home to over 250 types of birds and over 400 unique species. The unique color is due to the red plant Suaeda salsa, which begins as a light red in April and develops into a deep crimson. This is the largest marsh in the world and is certainly unique!

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Cathedrals Beach – Galicia, Spain

Cathedrals Beach is filled with amazing pillars and amazing history. Galicia was once very rich in gold, and years ago mining took place in this area, leaving behind many gold mines. These unique rock formations are so grand and definitely worth wandering through as well!

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Pink Sands Beach – Harbour Island, Bahamas

Of course the Bahamas is well known for it’s gorgeous and relaxing beaches, but the prettiest and most unique is definitely Pink Sands Beach in my opinion. It stretches for 3 miles and is covered in the most perfect pastel pink sand. Great for unique picture opportunities and playing in the sand!

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Pfeifer Purple Sand Beach – Big Sur, California

You have most likely heard of (or visited) Big Sur before, but you may not know about this unique purple sand beach that’s a bit off the beaten path. It’s secluded, small, and hidden – but making the trip to see this unique purple-hued sand is definitely worth it!

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Hidden Beach – Marieta, Mexico

If you are looking for a really cool grotto, Hidden Beach is it! The rumors are that bombing created this large hole located on a lush green area of the island, and once you make it inside you are fascinated by the clear water and small stretches of sand. It is an hour boat ride from Puerto Vallarta and is great for snorkeling and swimming.

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Black Sands Beach – Punalu’u, Hawaii

If you make it to Hawaii, chances are you’ll see some amazing beaches no matter what, but one of the most unique is this black sand beach on Punaluu, which is located on the Big Island. The beach has black sand that was created by lava flowing into the ocean and exploding as it cools. Pretty neat!

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Cave Beach – Algarve, Portugal

This next beach on the list is actually a beach within a cave, which is definitely pretty unique! The coast of Portugal has lots of amazing caves to explore, so this location should definitely be added to your list if you’re looking for a travel experience that’s out of the ordinary.

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Giants Causeway – County Antrim

The Giant’s Causeway was named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom, and it consists of  about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that formed after an ancient volcanic eruption. It looks pretty other worldly, and is sure to make you feel like you’ve wandered into a Lord of the Rings film. 

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Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, California

Glass beach is both unique and ironically beautiful, because it was actually formed through a less than ideal situation – years of garbage dumping along a part of the coast nearby. After years of buildup, the dumping location was changed and these glass remnants are all that remains.

Hope I’ve helped you find some new places to explore, happy travels! 😉

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