Quick, Easy, Delicious (and Healthy!) Protein Pancakes


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More and more people are making the switch to vegetarianism these days, and if you are like me, you are constantly searching out quick and easy ways to get a protein rich meal. Protein has so many uses in our bodies, as it is an important building block for bones,  muscles, tissues, and healing abilities. It is really an essential component for many biological processes, so vegetarian or not, it is important for us to ensure that we are giving our bodies what it needs to function efficiently!

A few years ago I was in the mood for something sweet after my workout, so instead of my go-to protein smoothie, I decided to try and make some healthy pancakes. Luckily it was a success, and I make them all of the time now!

Healthy Protein Pancakes Recipe - Lifefrosting.com blog

What you will need –

Protein powder (any flavor or type that you like): 1/2-3 scoops depending on your protein needs. My favorite flavor for this recipe is vanilla.

Eggs: Amount is up to you, I typically use 2-3.

Favorite Fruits/nuts/grains: My favorites are blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, almonds, pecans, etc. Be creative here!

How to make –

First – Separate egg whites and place them in a bowl. You can use the whole egg, and this actually makes the pancakes fluffier, but the taste is a little different. This is your preference. Try both and see what you like more!

Next – Add protein powder to the bowl and stir or whisk until you have minimal clumping.

Recipe for healthy pancakes on lifefrosting.com blog

Cooking – Cook just like you would cook traditional pancakes! Heat up a skillet to medium-high heat with your favorite cooking oil. Pour batter into the pan and then add your fruits/nuts/grains as soon as you pour the batter into the skillet. Let this heat for 1-2 minutes and flip. If you are using fruit, the sugars really come out while cooking and give a great flavor!

Last step – Enjoy your amazingly healthy and quick pancakes! 🙂

Quick, Easy, Healthy Protein Pancakes Recipe. | Lifefrosting.com

This morning’s breakfast -Easy and delicious blueberry pancakes!

If anyone has a favorite quick and easy protein filled recipe I would love to hear it! Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will give it a try!

Until next time!

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