Master Your Mindset – Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

Our mindset is determined by what we tell ourselves each day.

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Wishing you days filled with peace, love, and light!

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10 Daily Mantras For Confidence and Happiness

10 Daily Mantras to increase confidence and happiness!

Serious question – How often do you talk to yourself? Studies show that personal growth and happiness involves not only how we view the world, but how we view (and treat) ourselves. Confidence is one of the toughest things to master for many people, because it’s easy to get down on ourselves when things don’t go as planned.

If you want to maintain confidence and happiness no matter what comes your way, you need to fully believe you are happy and confident. “Fake it until you make it” will only get you so far though; you need to genuinely believe it! Daily mantras can help keep you grounded, confident, and happy no matter what comes your way – So give them a try and see what type of changes you notice in yourself!

Here are 10 mantras focused on confidence and happiness. Try saying these everyday until you wholeheartedly believe them! 🙂 Continue reading “10 Daily Mantras For Confidence and Happiness”

5 Tricks For Snapping Yourself Out Of A Bad Mood

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We all have those moments when we’re feeling a little down on ourselves or on the world around us, but being in a bad mood never results to anything good for our mind or for our body. There are a multitude of reasons why you may get in a bad mood – maybe you’re just hungry, maybe your hormones need a little readjusting, or maybe that guy at work just said something that got under your skin. While you may think that all of these things are out of your control, the first step in combatting a bad mood is to realize that with a little effort, your mood is actually something that you can control. It’s like the classic saying “We can’t control the way others treat us, but we can control the way we react.”

Okay, so now you know you have the power to control your why does it seem like such a hard thing to do? The answer to this is fairly in depth, and if you have studied psychology you will know that there are multiple theories focused on this topic, but a lot of it comes down to the fact that humans seem to enjoy dwelling on things. “Whoa is me” sets in and we find ourselves not only feeling angry or upset, but also starting to feel down on ourselves as well. All of this negativity creates a downward spiral, essentially causing a snowball effect that leads to more and more negativity over time.

So what can you do to break this cycle?  The overall goal that you should be consciously focusing on is to switch your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Over time, you will notice yourself focusing on the positive aspects of a situation, which of course will result in less bad moods throughout your day to day life. Easier said than done, I know, but below I’m discussing 5 tricks that work incredibly well if you are open to applying them properly and letting the good vibes replace those negative thoughts! Continue reading “5 Tricks For Snapping Yourself Out Of A Bad Mood”

The Perfect Accessory For Any Season – JORD Wooden Watch Review & Pictures!

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Hey everyone, I’m super excited about today’s post because it includes a giveaway! 😉 (More info below!)

I’ve been searching for a unique wooden watch for a while now; the style is so different from traditional metal watches, it’s really a great way to mix up your outfits.  As I was researching different brands I came across JORD and I was instantly in love!  I really like the color combinations that they offer and their quality is just amazing.  They have so many beautiful women’s watches (and men’s watches!), it was really tough to choose only one style and color, but after spending some time on their site and admiring all of the beautiful designs, I finally settled on the Cora in zebrawood and turquoise.

I recently received my new watch and I want to share a review and some pictures with you guys!
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Ten Habits of Highly Successful People – Make These a Habit Now!

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You know that friend that seems to have everything together?  The one who tackles life head on and seems to have it all figured out?  From the outside it may seem like everything just “goes their way,” but in reality none of that comes by accident and there are no superpowers involved.  The only thing keeping you from being like that friend – is yourself!  Our success is built upon our habits, and the key to mastering your life begins with life planning and setting the right habits for yourself.  So on that note, here are some tips to get you started on forming the best habits to aid you in your journey to success!
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Positive Mind, Positive Life – The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking


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Quick question – You’re driving down the highway when suddenly the driver in front of you slams on the brakes.  In response to this surprise, you abruptly swerve off the road and narrowly miss the guard rail.  What is your response in this situation; Do you immediately want to jump out of your vehicle and let the driver know how lousy his/her driving is?  Or do you immediately feel thankful that you were able to miss the guardrail and no one was injured?  If your response is more like the first option, this article is for you!

In this post, I will discuss how important it is to change our negative thoughts (I’m gonna give that lousy driver a piece of my mind!) into positive thoughts (Wow, I’m so glad I avoided that guardrail and no one got hurt!).  I will also discuss some of the health benefits related to positive thinking and provide some tips that you can use to program your mind into defaulting to positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts over time!  Continue reading “Positive Mind, Positive Life – The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking”

How To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals – 10 Helpful Tips!

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Motivation is something that we constantly have to work at.  Like a bonfire that constantly needs kindling, we have to put in some work to keep our motivational flame burning!

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The key to reaching any goal is to remember that success takes a lot of hard work. But if you stay motivated and persistent, you can really achieve almost anything!

Whether your motivation is directed towards doing well in school, moving up in a career, losing weight, or building a more meaningful relationship with your family, the tips below will help to make sure you stay as motivated as possible and reach whatever goal it is that you seek!  Continue reading “How To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals – 10 Helpful Tips!”

What Am I Doing With My Life? Five Essential Elements to Finding Your Purpose!

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Okay, so maybe the title is a bit dramatic. But it got your attention, right?

Yesterday, as I was listening to a close friend question whether or not she is choosing the right career, it got me thinking about how common this question is for many people. This reminded me of when I was first faced with the age old questions of life; What am I doing here? Do I have a purpose? And if so, how do I find it?                                                   Continue reading “What Am I Doing With My Life? Five Essential Elements to Finding Your Purpose!”