Quick and Easy DIY – How To Prevent Jewelry From Turning Your Skin Green

Change is Good – When it’s not happening to your jewelry

The biggest downside to buying fashion or costume jewelry is that there’s always the possibility that you’ll have some fading, color change, or green skin. How disappointing is it when that beautiful necklace that you wore twice has changed into a strange brown color after sitting in your jewelry box for only a month? To help prevent or limit this type of thing from happening, here are some quick and easy tips that I picked up a few years ago –

1. Paint a thin layer of clear nail polish onto the side that will touch your skin. This is especially great for rings. The polish will add a barrier between your skin and the metal, helping to prevent the reaction that causes your skin to turn green. If the jewelry piece has stones or other decorations I would suggest using the nail polish ONLY on the metal areas, since the clear polish may change the look of the stones/decorations and may even damage them.

2. Use Krylon clear gloss spray on larger areas. This works well for metal necklaces or bracelets. The coating will create a seal over the metal and slow or prevent color change, fading, and green skin. Think of it like a clear coat for jewelry. 🙂

I hope you found these tips helpful; happy accessorizing!

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Statement Jewelry For Any Budget – And 2 Easy Tricks For Protecting Costume Jewelry!

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What girl doesn’t like to accessorize? Okay, maybe there are some exceptions. 🙂 But to me, one of the best things about fashion is how quickly and easily you can transform a look by adding fun and unique accessories.

Statement necklaces have been a trend for a while now and they are still a great way to amp up your outfits! They range a lot in price and quality, but it’s definitely possible to find styles that are high quality and still really affordable.  Below I’ve put together a collection of 50 statement necklaces that are all great quality and under $50. I also offer some tips on preventing fading and avoiding the dreaded green skin that comes from wearing costume jewelry!

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