Hiking Gros Piton in St. Lucia

Ever since we first hiked Yosemite last year, Travis and I have tried to make sure we get in a hike wherever we visit. It’s become one of our favorite hobbies, and there’s really nothing like reaching the top after a long hike! St. Lucia has some amazing scenery, so of course we had to hike the iconic Gros Piton while we were there. 

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I would say that this hike was definitely strenuous at times, even for a person like me who works out regularly and loves the fitness aspect of hiking. However, I think part of this was because of my size. There were lots of high steps and rocks to climb, which was more challenging for a shorty like me! Nevertheless, it was still super fun and I enjoyed the challenge.  Continue reading “Hiking Gros Piton in St. Lucia”

12 of the Most Romantic Cities in the World!

Who doesn’t love a cozy city to explore?

 We’re in the process of planning our upcoming trips for the year and it got me thinking about the most romantic cities to visit. I’ve been researching a bit and have rounded up 15 cities that are sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 😉 Some are not too surprising when you think of romance (Venice, of course!) while others offer some new ideas when planning your next romantic getaway. 

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10 Unique and Unusual Beaches Around The World

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It’s pretty rare to find a person who doesn’t enjoy the beach! While a traditional white sand beach is always relaxing, sometimes you want to get out there and explore something a bit more unique. There are actually quite a few impressive, non traditional, beaches around the world; many you have probably never even heard of! If you are looking for a unique place to visit during your next vacation, take a look at these 10 must see beaches I’ve rounded up. Each is sure to leave you wanderlusting in amazement!

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Exploring California Wine Country: A Day in Sonoma

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When you hear “California wine country” you probably think of Napa Valley, which is located in Napa County, but the valleys located in Sonoma County are also included in the category of “California wine country.” These areas include Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Bennett Valley, and Russian River Valley.  During our last trip to California we decided to visit wine country, but we opted for Sonoma County instead of Napa County. While Napa is stunning and has lots of wineries to explore, there are many areas in Sonoma County that are just as nice and are usually less crowded — which is a plus in my book!

Our trip to Sonoma was pretty quick, but we were able to visit two beautiful wineries — Jacuzzi and Cline. Below are a few pictures of our drive to Sonoma, the wineries that we visited, and Sonoma’s downtown plaza, which is a really cute place to dine, shop, and (of course) enjoy more wine. 🙂  Continue reading “Exploring California Wine Country: A Day in Sonoma”

That Time My Wedding Dress Got Lost..And Our Photo Shoot In Rome

Rome Couples Photo Shoot. Rome Photography. Lifefrosting.com

My husband and I met in 2010 and were engaged in 2013.  Not to get too corny, but since being with him I can say that I now understand the term “you complete me”.  I love our life together and would not want to spend my years with anyone else!  That being said, neither of us wanted a large wedding when we got married.  We wanted something more personal, so we decided that an elopement was more our style.  I love Europe and Travis had never been, so we decided to take a few weeks and travel around to different cities before having a private ceremony and photo shoot in Rome, the last city that we would be visiting.  Continue reading “That Time My Wedding Dress Got Lost..And Our Photo Shoot In Rome”

Off the Beaten Path: A Day in Bodega Bay

bodega bay pics, california coast pics

During our most recent vacation to California, we decided to spend one night in the quiet, small town, of Bodega Bay.
Before our visit, I researched the history of the city and found out that it was actually a location used in the filming of the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds back in the early 60s. The coastal atmosphere and history intrigued me, so we booked an Airbnb and decided to take a drive down highway 1 to see what the area had to offer! Continue reading “Off the Beaten Path: A Day in Bodega Bay”

Viva Mexico! A Quick Getaway to Cozumel

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School and work keep us pretty busy during most of the year, but luckily we are fortunate enough to have the ability to travel during my breaks. We like to use the time off exploring new places, so for a quick Labor day getaway we decided to take a cruise to Cozumel, a place neither of us had been before. Continue reading “Viva Mexico! A Quick Getaway to Cozumel”