12 of the Most Romantic Cities in the World!

Who doesn’t love a cozy city to explore?

 We’re in the process of planning our upcoming trips for the year and it got me thinking about the most romantic cities to visit. I’ve been researching a bit and have rounded up 15 cities that are sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 😉 Some are not too surprising when you think of romance (Venice, of course!) while others offer some new ideas when planning your next romantic getaway. 

most romantic cities, romantic cities of the world, bruges belgium pics, bruges belgium christmas, belgium travel, europe travel ideas, best places to visit belgiumBruges, Belgium

Located just outside of Brussels, Bruges is a quaint little 13th century village filled with beautiful canals, windmills, and cobblestone streets. Complete with over 50 different chocolate shops choose from, you can curb your sweettooth while taking in the fairytale views. Definitely a magical place that sets the mood for your next getaway!

british columbia at night, bc victoria skyline, victoria bc at nightVictoria, British Columbia

Victoria is a beautiful area located on the inner tip of Vancouver Island. With it’s British style architecture, famous Butchart Gardens, and nearby vineyards and hiking, you’re sure to find some romantic spots to enjoy while exploring the area.

spain pics, barcelona pics, where to visit barcelona, most romantic cities, spain most romantic, romantic places to visitBarcelona, Spain

Filled with quirky, cosmopolitan buildings and retaurants, Barcelona is perfect for fun days spent enjoying tapas and fun nights enjoying the local night life. Climbing Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia or Parc Guell are also a must for amazing views and memories you’re sure to carry with you forever.

prague romantic, best romantic cities, romantic european locations, european cities to visit, chech republic skylinePrague , Czech Republic

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is the perfect place to fall in love all over again. With it’s classic castles, fairytale features, and fun Czech taverns, you’re sure to find a few favorite spots to spend quality time together. 

arno river, ponte vecchio, florence sunset, firenze sunset, florence trips, where to visit florence, romantic florenceParis, France

It’s clearly no surprise that the “city of love” is on this list. Paris is the quintessential place for romance. With it’s classical architecture, cozy pastry shops, and endless gardens, it’s nearly impossible to feel anything but love while exploring the city. Take in the beautiful landscapes at the Tuileries Garden, visit the Louvre, or plan a picnic on the lawn near the Eiffel Tower. Paris never disappoints when it comes to setting the mood for love and romance!

romantic cities. city of love, romantic places to visit, most romantic places   Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a city filled with history and beauty. From it’s intricate canal system to the narrow gable faced homes, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into the 17th century. Biking is more common than driving and a quiet picnic in the park is the perfect way to relax the day away with the love of your life. Amsterdam is also filled with art history and is home to museums dedicated to some of it’s descendants, such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt. If you’re looking for a touch of romance with some laid back fun, Amsterdam is the city for you.

venice places to see, europe trip ideas, must see places in the world, best cities in the world, romantic cities, must visit europe cities, where to visit europe, italy travel ideas, where to travel italyVenice, Italy

Filled with cute piazzas and winding waterways, Venice exudes classical romance. Try the oldest hot chocolate recipes at Cafe Florian, enjoy a coffee while strolling through St. Mark’s Square, or take a private gondola ride down the canal. There are endless ways to enjoy Venice, but whatever you do, don’t forget to watch the sunset while standing over the canals, it’s truly a romance unlike anything else!

romantic countries, most romantic places, romantic european vacations, where to visit europe, prettiest european citiesRome, Italy

Rome is a city filled with so much history and so much to explore. From the colliseum to the romantic bridges and landscapes, it’s a must see when planning a trip to Italy. The streets are filled with cozy shops, classical architecture, amazing sculptures, and lively outdoor patios. While the popular areas are fun to visit, it’s also worth taking a stroll outside of the typical tourist spots and dining like the locals. And of course a Rome trip wouldn’t be complete without a cozy night spent sipping on wine in one of the many piazzas!

france romantic cities, best french cities, must visit french cities, where to travel france, must see french cities Aix-En-Provence

If you’re looking for cozy and filled with history, Aix-En-Provence is the city for you! It is the birthplace of the famous painter Cezanne, and remnants of his life still linger in this charming area. There are local shops and markets, quaint cafes, and some of the best croissants you’ll ever find. Their amazing lavender fields are also a site to see, as well as the spring-fed baths that the Romans used centuries ago. Southern France cannot be described in words, it really must be felt – so do book your romantic getaway and take in all this area has to offer!

santorini greece romantic getaway, best vacations greece, greece vacation ideas, where to stay greece, where to visit santoriniSantorini,  Greece

It’s safe to say the secret is out on how amazing Santorini is. As if the views and unique architecture weren’t enough of an allure, Santorini also has amazing wineries and some of the most amazing cuisine around. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner for two while overlooking the Aegan Sea, or spend the day in a privately rented sailboat swimming in the nearby cleverly nestled beaches. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of sunshine and stunning views, definitely put Santorini on your list!

places to visit in europe, romantic places, cities for couples, romantic countries, romantic vacation ideas, where to vacation europe, where to travel in europe, luzern travel tipsLuzerne, Switzerland

While I haven’t been to all of the cities on this list, I can happily say that I’ve been to Lucerne and absolutely fell in love. Like – never want to leave – love! This photo was taken while we visited over Christmas, but in Spring the flowers are blooming and it is a fantastic sight to see. There is just something so magical about this city, it really is like walking into a fairytale! It is a small, quaint city with amazingly clean streets, shopping plazas, cozy chocolate shops, and fantastic dining spots. Keep in mind that Switzerland is on the pricey side, but aside from that, it has so much romance to offer! 

most romantic places, top romance cities, top cities for couples, best citys in europe, where to see europe, austria travel destinations

Salzburg, Austria

Salzberg is amazingly charming. With it’s romantic architecture and charming streets, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve wandered back in time. The city has plenty of gardens and statues to admire, making it the perfect place to take in picturesque views while strolling hand in hand. It’s also home to many operas, musicals, and concerts, making it a great spot to enjoy a romantic meal and night at the theater.

Hope you find this post helpful when planning your next vacation..happy travels! 🙂


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