Twelve Cute Swimsuits For Summer!

Being a Floridian, I probably have more swimsuits than I need – but every year I can’t help but admire all of the new looks that come out. 🙂

Florals, tassels, and ruffles are trending this year, and I’ve put together a collection of 12 unique styles that are sure to turn heads at the beach or pool this Summer! 


Happy Shopping!

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Five Cute Summer Hat Styles Under $30!

cute summer hats, cheap summer hats, cheap floppy hats, trendy summer stylesIf you’re like me, accessorizing with cute summer hats is one of your favorite parts of summer! I first learned about the dangers of too much sun when I was fourteen, and ever since I have been careful about protecting my face when I’m outside for long periods of time.

mehat A cute summer hat is the perfect accessory to keep you looking cute while providing protection from the sun!

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to summer hats, but my favorites are the straw floppy and fedora styles. They are flattering on nearly everyone, and it’s not hard to find a great style at an affordable price.

For this currently craving post I’ve chosen five of my favorite summer hat styles that are stylish and all under $30. (woo!) Continue reading “Five Cute Summer Hat Styles Under $30!”